Technological Support

We make the development of web applications a close, simple and clear process.

The development process

We'll teach you -in plain language- all the necessary concepts that you need to understand so you can take informed decisions. Concepts such as the needed steps until a new app is deployed, the advantages of starting with a minimum viable product or the development methodology that makes modifications easier.

Our philosophy

The meaning of putting life at the center is, for us, to value matters like stability, learning or health above economic profit. We want the relationships with clients and providers to be less corporatist and more empathetic.

Know more

Project - Ateneus Cooperatius of Catalunya


18 months, ongoing

  • back-office
  • client area
  • reports
  • data export

App to manage large quantities of data: to publish the training offers, collect personal data and authorizations, the assistance signatures, inscriptions, evaluation surveys, accompaniment sessions to projects, etc.

More information
Instal·lacions a Coòpolis, l'ateneu cooperatiu de Barcelona

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