Comprehensive and cooperative technological support.

The process

We analyze the needs together

Who will the users of the app be? What tasks should they be able to do? What steps will they have to take to do them? Do you need any integration with other services or platforms? Manage payments?

We will define functionalities through work sessions, in a process that will help both Codi Cooperatiu and you to go from the initial idea to some realistic specifications.

Gràfic de formes geomètriques unides entre sí, formant una xarxa, en blanc


In this phase we use what is known as wireframes, which are schematic drawings of the different screens and controls of the application. You will simulate that you are users using the app using these schemes and thus detect what data to add or remove and how to make the process more intuitive.

And there's no need to worry, we will guide you in how to make this analysis and you'll see it is quite simple and fun.

acomp_2_desktop_opt (2).png

Graphic design

We will take care of the app design working from the existing graphic guidelines or -when necessary- creating a new corporate identity.

Since in Codi Cooperatiu we specialize in coding, we have created an alliance with the design cooperative RiceUp with whom, in every way, we work as a single team. Have a look at their portfolio for more information.

Composició simplificada de com serà la web un cop maquetada, versió petita

Back-end Code

We code the part called back-end. It is the code that will execute all the actions related to accessing data, sending emails, generating documents, processing payments, authenticating users and a long etc.

To make an analogy, in a restaurant the back-end would be the kitchen and the front-end the dining room.

Imatge amb una troç de codi Python, el llenguatge que fem servir per programar a la part back-end

And we apply the design to make it a reality

This phase -called front-end code- is where the design comes to life.

Thanks to the mobile first approach (the version for smartphones is the first to be done) and the responsive code (which is adaptable to different screen resolutions) the app will be perfectly compatible with smartphones and tablets.

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Imatge de diferents composicions de una mateixa web a diferents dispositius: a un monitor d'escriptori, a una tablet i a un smartphone.

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